Farmer of the Year


Andrew Cure, 2022 Farmer of the Year

Andrew & Idania Cure are transplants from St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana. Had a water and sewer contracting business in southern Louisiana for 40 years. 

While building the numerous water and sewer pump stations, Andrew perfected the art of water recovery and distribution. 

When we first started farming rice in 1985 in Hardin County, all the old timers would just shake their heads at Andrew’s new innovations. 

Have been farming organic rice since 2001 and currently growing 650 acres. Rice operations work hand in hand with our cattle program for weed control and fertilization in a three year rotation. 

As a husband and wife team, we are joined at the hip, but each with our own talents. Our joys are caring for the rice and cattle, but are happiest after the rice harvest. Most importantly, we have been blessed with great friends and helpers along the way, especially the Guevara family. 

We have a son, Rocky and daughter, Kristin along with two grandchildren, Hunter and Isabela. 

All of whom think the old folks are nuts for working so hard. Hard work certainly, but a very rewarding life. 

Farmer of the Year has been awarded every year since the beginning of the Texas Rice Festival.
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