Farmers of the Year

Joe and Gene Broussard, 2021 Farmers of the Year


Joseph H Broussard III, known as Joe and brother David E Broussard, known as Gene have been farming together for over 45 years. Joe and Gene got their love of farming from their parents, J.H. Broussard, Jr. and Nona Mae, who started farming in 1948. The boys partnered with their dad in Broussard Farm Inc. and now own their own business, which is Broussard Brothers. They are currently farming 700 acres of Organic Rice and 400 acres of crawfish. In 2006, they went to all organic rice. Gene and his wife, Becky, have 3 children: Kyle Broussard, Cade Broussard and Maddie Broussard Sexton. Joe and his wife, Sharon, have 4 children: Alisa Broussard Bristow, Hanna Broussard Leger, Jennifer Neel Hartman and Jason Neel. Their many grandchildren get their passion for being on the farm and dreaming of being farmers one day by how much they look up and admire Crawpaw (Gene) and Peanut (Joe). These men will drop everything for the grandkids to give a quick farming lesson or just a hug and kiss. They will be the future on Broussard Farm one day. They believe that their success comes from how well they work with each other and are always trying to stay a step ahead of the game. They are known for working hard, helping others and always smiling. From helping the community, giving jobs to Hardin-Jefferson Students, to always donating to school and church fundraisers. Even when things are not so good, you will hardly ever see Gene and Joe without a kind word and a smile on their face.

Farmer of the Year has been awarded every year since the beginning of the Texas Rice Festival.
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